People helping People - Donations in support of the training of the Women of the Chars

In 2024, 150 women will be offered training in the traditional methods of spinning, weaving, dyeing and embroidery. The training sessions take place in the Friendship centres located in the rural islands of northern Bangladesh. The skills provide the women with opportunities to work, to be part of a community, to lead a life in dignity and hope as well as provide for their family and invest in the future of their children.

The costs of teaching traditional skills for one woman are 300 € (for 3 months) respectively 480 € (for 6 months). The training is free for the women, and to facilitate their participation, they receive a daily allowance. Friendship Colours of the Chars furthermore guarantees every woman who has accomplished the programme an opportunity to work in the production centers. If a self-entrepreneur route is chosen, Friendship Bangladesh will accompany it.

We invite you to support the training project by contributing through a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

You can support the daily allowance of one woman by a making a one-time payment or subscribing to a monthly donation:

for 3 months = 32€
for 6 months = 64 €

Sum of your choice (every sum donated has a direct impact on our project)

We thank you for supporting the women of the chars of Bangladesh.

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Tax deduction
Donations made to Friendship Colours of the Chars SARL-SIS (FCOC) are deductible from your taxable income under the terms of sections 109 and 112 LIR. A certificate covering all donations made to FCOC in the same calendar year will be sent to you at the beginning of the following year.