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Empowering lives, one thread at a time

Friendship Colours of the Chars (S.I.S.*) is a social enterprise that provides marginalized women living in the hard-to-reach "char" islands of northern Bangladesh with opportunities for a life of dignity and hope.
This is done by offering training in traditional textile production methods for slow fashion and lifestyle accessories. 
As a subsidiary of Friendship SPO, we are dedicated to the four main commitments - Saving Lives, Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, and Poverty Alleviation.

The impact of all our efforts is direct.

The Riverine Women

Empowering 2,500 to gain financial independency.

The skills provide both the riverine women and their families with financial independence, opportunities for a higher standard of living, and a sense of belonging to a community.

Handloom Technique

Growing towards sustainability

Friendship Colours of the Char embraces the concept of slow fashion and ethical lifestyle by producing textiles in sustainable materials and environmentally friendly methods. 

Crafting with Hand

Natural dyes, wooden blocks and hand embroidery 

Our prints on textiles are set with hand-carved wooden blocks. Hand embroidery is done with respect to traditional patterns.


Every woven textile carries powerful stories of the charwomen and celebrates handcrafted designs by Bangladeshi artisans, preserving the heritage of Bengal.​

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